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Linguistics, Language Creation, and Old Papers

Posted by Dan Vanderboom on December 10, 2007

I’ve always been interested in linguistics and languages, and have spent several years studying it as a hobby (a very time consuming hobby).  When I was younger, I worked very hard to invent my own language.  First it was word lists, then it was a collection of grammar ideas, and I even designed my own glyphs for a writing system that was phonetic (and occassionally syllabic).

While I was still in high school (going back to 1991), I wrote a short paper on the subject of creating a language.  Way back then, the Internet was mainly a curiosity accessible to college students.  The rest of the world, myself included, went online by dialing up Bulliten Board Systems (BBSs) with 2400 bps modems (or worse).  I published this paper on some of the BBSs at the time, and haven’t thought about it since.

To my amusement, a friend of mine Googled me the other day and found it.  It’s survived to this day, and can be found on websites all over, especially in non-English-speaking countries.  Here’s an English site that hosts it:

Apparently, it’s being used for purposes other than creating new languages.  On Russian websites, people are referencing it to learn simple English grammar.

I even found a mention of my paper on a site where someone had created their own language.

How neat is that!

That paper was very simple.  I was young and hadn’t yet learned about the crazy complexities of grammar.  But simple is good, and I’m glad it’s found a use.

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