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Visual Studio Goodie: Transparentize Intellisense

Posted by Dan Vanderboom on January 6, 2008

Once in a while, I discover (or am shown) a keyboard shortcut or other hidden gem inside Visual Studio that I never knew was there.  I’ve always been slightly annoyed with Intellisense because I often need some information on the line or two below where the cursor is, which gets obscured by the Intellisense window.  I thought I had to cancel out of Intellisense, look at the data, re-trigger the Intellisense, and sometimes repeat this once or twice more before completing the statement that I was writing.

But there’s a simple way around this.  When Intellisense is active (and obscuring several lines of code), just press and hold the Control key on your keyboard.  Your Intellisense window will become something like 95% transparent.  You can then read what’s under it, release the Control key, and you won’t even lose your position in the Intellisense window!

Very simple, but also very helpful!  Makes me want to look for other handy shortcuts…


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