Critical Development

Language design, framework development, UI design, robotics and more.

About Dan Vanderboom

Dan provides product strategy, solution architecture, design, prototyping, analysis, research and development services for innovative start-ups in need of cutting-edge mobile software products and cloud services.

With decades of software industry experience, Dan can help you to:
– define & justify your business case for new products, rebuilds, or large changes
– identify & map technical project risks with a targeted plan to manage & reduce them
– design & develop the patentable algorithms that comprise your product’s secret sauce
– design & develop “proof of concept” experiments to test the feasibility of proposed product features & mechanisms
– design the user interface for any device
– develop Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)
– provide technical mentoring for your new-to-Xamarin development team
– evaluate the soundness or fairness of software bids & plans
– generate an endless stream of new feature ideas

– Software Product Strategy
– Software Architecture & System Design
– Software Project Planning
– Software Development
– User Experience & User Interface Design
– Web API Design & Development
– Dashboard & Scorecard Design
– Data Analysis & Data Visualization Design
– Database Design & Development
– Business Intelligence
– Software Instrumentation
– User Behavior Analysis
– Algorithm Design
– Systems Integration
– Embedded (IoT) Devices
– iOS, Android, and Windows Phone Apps
– Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

For more information, see Dan’s LinkedIn profile.

Inquiries for contract work can be directed to dan at highenergydesign dot net.

8 Responses to “About Dan Vanderboom”

  1. Tyler Collier said

    Hi Dan,

    I didn’t see another way to contact you about this, but perhaps this is a good form for doing so anyway in case someone else has the same question.

    First, thanks for your nice work, especially on the Tree article (

    I am wondering about reuse of your code. The code samples I downloaded don’t specify a license or licensing information and I couldn’t find any info on this site, therefore I think they are copyrighted by you by default. I’d like to take your code and place it into my work if you’d allow it, so if you’d please email me about that, I’d appreciate it (whether you’ll allow it or not :-). However, in the future, you might want to specify license information explicitly, which could include a generic license somewhere on your site and/or explicitly as part of each work. Again, even if you do intend the code to be copyrighted, it’s probably smart to say so, although I find it likely that you are trying to benefit the community by sharing your code.

    Thank you and keep up the good work,
    Tyler Collier

    • Dan Vanderboom said

      Tyler, please feel free to use any of the code on my blog in your work. If you would, please leave in a comment about where it came from. What would you like to use it for, out of curiosity?

      Providing an explicit license is a good idea. I’m adding that to my to-do list. Thanks!

  2. Ken said

    Hi Dan,

    I was googling for some .NET questions I had and I found your blog. Imagine my surprise. Not only do you and I have the same last name but we also appear to be into the same stuff.

    I am also a software developer. I live in Ontario Canada. I also do a lot of development with Windows Mobile and have also worked with the Symbol MC50, MC9090 and more recently the MC75 and MC55.

    Most of my work is in the wholesale distribution industry. I have written a Windows Mobile-based sales force automation application that Microsoft covered in a case study.


    You also seem to have the same “philosophical” approach to software development that I do. Indeed it is as much an art as a science 🙂 And I love your “building a house” article. This is the reason a lot of software projects fail (go over budget and are overdue).

    Anyway, I left my email address… drop me a line sometime if you like.

    Best regards,

  3. mike said

    Stumbled on your blog while searching for a generic implementation of a tree.. Anyway, ended up reading and time flew away. There’s some quality stuff to be found here..
    Anyway, excellent blog, u got yourself a reader 🙂


  4. George said

    All links to source are apparently down! Looking at the Tree structure for a Photoshop-esque visual data manipulation thingy.

  5. Dave said

    Hey Dan,

    Regarding the nice C# Tree article…

    So, who chopped the tree code from the site? It’s still the best article on C# tree class I could find. But given that there were a couple of termites in the original code, sure would like to see the latest version!



  6. Gregory Shields said


    I join with others who are interested in serialization of your non-binary tree, perhaps even in Silverlight.


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